Chellzkitchen officially opens

Michelle Phetlhe of ChellzKitchen will this August host a cooking class for cooking enthusiasts. It will be the first event for Phetlhe of ESTeRES Boutique Agency this year.

The cooking classes, she explains in an interview with Global Post, will be held over three weekends (Saturdays) and they will cover breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. The cost for the classes is P1500 inclusive of ingredients, welcome drinks and a little goodie bag. The event is limited to 5 people.

She explains in an interview that during lockdown, she spent a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking and modifying recipes for her family. It is through all that hard work and time spent in the kitchen that gave birth to her latest project. Seeing that she was very passionate about cooking, her friends encouraged her to post her creations on the Botswana Foodies Facebook page (a food niche brand owned by Yommy and has close to 30 000 followers on social media). Soon, she found herself opening her own Facebook page, ChellzKitchen.

“This gave me flexibility about what I shared, when it was shared as well as an interpersonal relationship with my followers,” she explains.

She also says that since then, she has had a lot of requests about when she was intending to start selling food, as well as friends curious to be invited to her kitchen for recipes and lessons.

Phetlhe further says that because Personal Development and Experiential Eventing is in her DNA, and she believes that we all have untapped potential in the kitchen, she opened ChellzKitchen to the public. She is set to start a column on Family Gems Botswana and has just started a Monday Mid-Morning Radio Feature on duma FM with Boingotlo Motingwa.

“Rather than selling my food, I want to teach others how to cook on a 3 Saturday Course which covers Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners,” she says.

She further says that there are many secrets to creating beautiful meals that one does not need to go to school for to learn, and that one can also cook with love and confidence.

“If lockdown has taught us anything, it is to strive to be self-sufficient and lead healthier lifestyles,” she says.

Recent campaigns spearheaded by ESTeRES Boutique Agency includes the nationwide Durex Feels Campus Tour, sensitizing Youth to Safe Sex. Events include 3 year running Women’s Etiquette Brunch which hosted Basetsana Kumalo last year. 2 year running Sexual Health and Wellness event “Just Sex” which hosted Connie Ferguson and Dr Elna Rudolph last year.