Chinese community donates blankets to OP



Minister of Presidential Affairs Nonofo Molefhi has acknowledged the Chinese community’s contribution to social wellbeing of Batswana after they donated 2 500 blankets worth P500,000 to the Office of the President last week on Thursday.


The Chinese community through the Charity Association of Chinese in Botswana, also donated 1500 blankets to OP in 2017.


Nonofo Molefhi said the gesture of sacrifice, benevolence and charity, is indeed part of Botswana culture and those who have little are forever encouraged to share the little they have with those who do not have as much.


He said the Chinese community showed compassion adding that they have all the while, helped the needy for many years.


“Giving is out of love, out of a heart that considers others above self,” he said. He added that those of the Chinese community represented are not saying to them, “We have made enough profits but are saying to us, the little that we have so far found is the little that we shall share with you.”


Nonofo Molefhi told the Chinese community at the handing over ceremony that Botswana is now indebted to them, adding that China is very far and those living in Gaborone and the rest of the country, have chosen Botswana as their home hence they are brothers and sisters to the natives of Botswana.


Through an initiative by the Chinese community, titled Warm Winter Blanket Donation, Chairman of the Charity Association of Chinese in Botswana, Miles Nan, said that it’s the love that they put into people’s hearts that will never change hence they carry the project every year.


“It is not about the quantity but it is about the love. As the saying goes, ‘love has no borders,’ said Nan.

Nan said that as the Chinese community saw it as very crucial that they make an effort to spread the love during the winter which always comes with very harsh weather.


“More than 200 Chinese businessmen came together to make this donation; we are not rich but everyone did the little they could manage,” he said, adding that “some foreigners in Botswana are far richer than us.”


Nan said they were targeting the vulnerable such as the elderly and the poor and it was natural that the donation is given to the highest office in the land to distribute accordingly.