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Crimes of passion revile judge

Crimes of passion revile judge
January 22
09:57 2018
  • Sentences to 15 years jail a man who killed his girlfriend for being abroad of home all day
  • Another man to do 20 years for killing his girlfriend for not cooking for him


Justice Zibani Makhwade of Francistown High Court took the opportunity of yet another case of a crime of passion to expressed concern about increasing cases of murder in his jurisdiction.

Makhwade noted that in most cases women were the victims at the hands of their partners.

He asserted that it was the responsibility of the courts to deliver stiff sentences to perpetrators and to send a strong message to society that such crimes would not be tolerated.

“Men should know that there are other ways to solve domestic disputes rather than resorting to violence, which results into loss of valuable lives,” he said.

Justice Makhwade enunciated his strong revulsion when sentencing 36-year old herd boy, Elija Kootswele, to 15 years imprisonment for murdering his girlfriend, Kemmonye Gabothata, five years ago at Kainangwe farmlands near Mahalapye.

The court heard that on the fateful day, Gabothata had set upon Kootswele with a tyre lever on the chest when she returned home after being away all day after he asked her where she had been all day.

As the scuffle worsened, he grabbed the tyre lever from the deceased and hit her on the head several.

Gabothata sustained serious injuries and was confirmed dead on arrival at Mahalapye Hospital.

Even so, as he delivered the sentence last week, Justice Makhwade noted that there were extenuating circumstances that eliminated the death sentence in the case. “The accused person was provoked by the deceased as she hit him with a tyre lever on the chest during a scuffle,” he noted.

“The deceased and the accused were staying together. The conflict was caused by the deceased’s unpleasant response when she was asked (about) her whereabouts the whole day.”

Makhwade lamented that the accused was relatively young and said he was optimistic that Kootswele would regroup to become a responsible citizen upon completing his jail term. But a life had been lost and it would never be recovered, the judge emphasised.

Meanwhile, in another crime of passion before the Francistown High Court, Koketso Samson has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for the murder of his girlfriend, Catherine Moseki, at Extension 5 in Palapye.

The court heard that upon returning from a drinking spree, Samson found that Moseki had not prepared a meal for him. In a fit of rage, Samson hit Moseki with a stone on the head.

She died of her injuries the following day.

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