Davids worried over his P10m business empire

  • It had to take the discernment of football veteran Sexton ‘Tshidi’ Kowa to capture the complexity of the straggling character that was Isaac Davids whose death has revealed how an innately kindly man can be regarded by the world as an unruly hoodlum


The late MP for Mochudi East, Isaac Davids, lost sleep over the possible collapse of his business empire because none of his children were shaping up as suitable heirs.

This is according to former politician, the MP for Mochudi West, Gilbert Mangole.

Speaking at Davids’ funeral in Mochudi on Saturday, Mangole said Davids had confided his worries in him over the sustenance of his business empire whose value was estimated at P8 million to P10 million.

Davids main gripe, according to Mangole, was that his children were pursuing their own passions and seemed to lack interest in learning to run the family businesses.

Mangole revealed that as he grew older, Davids even contemplated selling off his businesses so that he and his wife Banyenyi may enjoy a retirement flush with cash.

“He was even wondering whether to sell the businesses and enjoy his wealth with his wife,” Mangole said.

Davids was brutally allegedly murdered by his herd boys at his cattlepost in the Kweneng District just over a week ago. He sustained multiple stab wounds all over his body.

A pathologist report noted three major stab wounds which were grave enough to independently end his life.

It was revealed that the late MP sustained a major gash to the head, a stab wound that punctured his heart, as well as another grave wound in the belly.

To buttress Mangole’s narrative, those close to the say Davids’ first born child, Botlhale, who lives in Maun, moves in professional circles far detached from his father’s.

He states in his LinkedIn profile that he has been a Senior Estates Officer with the parastatal Botswana Housing Cooperation for close to seven years.

Botlhale also seems keen on quad biking. The other Davids’ son, Kevin, works for the government. The youngest, Raymond, seems to have a nose for the urban culture and photography.

According to her social media profiles, Davids only daughter, Penny, has her heart in sports such as athletics, swimming and javelin.

But two of Davids brood have pursued or are still pursuing business-related higher education. Penny notes on her social media page that she is studying for a degree in Business Administration while Botlhale is armed with a property valuation degree.

Davids’ business empire straddles big time farms filled with beasts and horses, a property portfolio and petrol stations, among others.

Meanwhile, Mangole also said although Davids had met his end while a member of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) to which he defected in August last year, his soul was with the opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).

Hinting at the alleged broken financial terrain that occasioned Davids’ floor crossing, Mangole noted: “His physical body was at the BDP but his soul was in disagreement. He was in a dilemma. His physical body was saying ‘I was forced by circumstances.’”

Mangole further noted that the Davids he knew was a fervent critic of the ruling party and was a very quiet man towards the end of his life.



Davids only surviving brother, William, noted that the pathologist report on his brother’s corpse stated that he had major stab wounds to his head, heart and torso.

He said that he was called to Molepolole Police Station on the January 14 where present were the Station Commander and an eyewitness to the murder who had driven with others to Davids’ farm to buy cattle on the fateful Sunday.

William explained that two of his brothers’ herd boys and two horses were missing. It was explained to them that they had left for Sorilatholo, 10 kilometers away, the previous day.

“Due to his stubbornness, he went after them to Sorilatholo so that they may come and help with what he had come for,” William explained.

He said that after he arrived, a war of words erupted between Davids and his herd boys that quickly descended into chaos.

“Davids never had the chance to defend himself,” said William.

He got trapped in the corner of a fence as he tried to escape his youthful assailants who quickly caught up with him and descended on him with knives.

According to William, the crazed herd boys then went to work shredding their masters’ clothes with knives, leaving him to die naked in the scorching heat.

But the herd boys were far from done. William said they quickly set their sights on the witness who escaped to the double cab bakkie that he and Davids had come in.

He started the engine and sped off in a frenzy, but not before the herd boys had shattered the windscreen. “My brother died a gruesome death,” William ended his speech.


Kgosi Bana Sekai of Bakgatla-ba-ga-Kgafela seemed to have cherished Davids’ presence in the community. He said characters like Davids were needed in every society and should not be killed.

In his view, people like Davids occupied a special place in society because they made a village enjoyable.

Kgosi Sekai also attested to the rambunctious behaviour of Davids. He narrated how he once sustained a head injury when he and his friends went swimming at a local creek where an adolescent Davids and a companion pelted them with stones.

The Bakgatla aristocrat said he was still contemplating suing Davids when the latter met his demise.


Feeling a compulsion to respond to Mangole’s remarks, Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi observed that making a life changing decision like returning to one’s old party could never be easy.

He described Davids as a diehard BDP member, saying he had always longed to come back. “He had told us what he intended to do with the constituency and the message he had given to his family,” Masisi said.

“It doesn’t matter what party he was in. We are still a small country and we are still managing the peace.”


Football veteran, Matshediso Sexton Kowa, described Davids as a repository of all the human qualities, including evil and compassion.

He revealed that Davids was the brain behind Mochudi Centre Chiefs colours of black and white.

Kowa explained that Davids “abrogated” the colours from Juventus FC of Italy where he once studied.