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Furthering Medical Cooperation: Chinese “Bright Journey” to Madagascar Officially Began

Furthering Medical Cooperation: Chinese “Bright Journey” to Madagascar Officially Began
June 07
12:59 2018

The activity of 2018 Chinese “Bright Journey” to Madagascar was opened officially on May 31, 2018 in Antananarivo. Yang Xiaorong, the Chinese Ambassador to Madagascar, Professor Andriamanarivo, the Minister of Public Health in Madagascar, the “Bright Journey” expert team, as well as officials and representatives from health organizations, attended the opening ceremony and made remarks.

Ambassador Yang Xiaorong said, the “Bright Journey” programme is essential to “Sino-Africa Public Health Cooperation Plan”. For years, the programme has gained success in Cameroon, Mauritania and Sudan, helping thousands of cataract sufferers and contributing greatly to medical care cooperation between China and African countries.

She noted that the “Bright Journey” Programme was conducted by China’s National Health Commission and Madagascar’s Ministry of Public Health. During this year’s activity, the Chinese experts will provide free treatment for more than 200 local cataract patients. Meanwhile, some $250,000 medical instruments and equipment will be donated to local hospitals and clinics.

Talking about the medical cooperation between China and Madagascar, Ambassador Yang believed the efforts accumulated in the past 43 years have helped the Chinese medical team gain popularity and respect, becoming a symbol of bilateral relationship. Based on this, some breakthrough has been achieved in Sino-Madagascar health cooperation while new arena being created, such as fighting against plague in 2017. She also expected that all sides involved could take the opportunity to further bilateral health cooperation and enlarge common grounds.

Gao Xiang, an official from Gansu Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission expressed gratitude to all who have given their hands to Sino-Madagascar friendship. In his remakes, he talked about the past 43 years’ efforts by the Chinese Medical Team and assured that the “Bright Journey” expert team would work hard and make full use of resources to help local patients see light.

Professor Andriamanarivo, Madagascar’s Minister of Public Health showed his sincere thanks to the Chinese experts in his remarks. He believed that China, a model among developing countries, should be followed by Madagascar in seeking for light.

He described the relationship between China and Madagascar as “fish in water”, hoping to enhance medical cooperation with China. He also encouraged local cataract patients to get free treatment from the Chinese experts.

After the opening ceremony, all participates, accompanied by Ambassador Yang Xiaorong watched the Sino-Madagascar Medical Cooperation Pictures Exhibition.

At the same time, the “Bight Journey” experts went to a local hospital and began free treatment for local patients. In next 10 days, the experts will help over 200 cataract sufferers see light in responsible and rigorous manners.

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