Government prosecutor calls for castration of rapists

Deputy government prosecutor, Nchunga Nchunga has reiterated a call for rapists to be castrated even as friends on social media moved to sway his opinion.

Nchunga occupies the position of Deputy Government Attorney at the Attorney General.

Nchunga, who goes by the moniker, Chuchuchu Nchunga on social networking site Facebook started off by posting: “Rapists must be castrated. Extreme castration.”

Nchunga then added a comment to his posting, “When you imagine somebody raping your mother, your sister, your daughter, your wife ten times you will undersrand(sic) why extreme castration is the solution to rapists.”

When two of his social media friends responded, “Please reconsider Sir”, “[it] sounds like Sharia,” Nchunga shot back: “Ga gona ka Sharia, ke Chuchuchu justice.”

Nchunga, who appeared to be itching to air his views also responded through a lengthy response to a user whose posting signified a laugh.

He also stated that he believes rape is worse that murder, effectively appearing to state that he is conflicted by the prevailing status quo where murder is a capital offence while rape is a custodial offence which he equated to hotels.

He stated in response to a user he had tagged: “this is one topic we will always agree to disagree. Is it better to die or be raped ten times? If like me you believe that rape is worse than murder, why kill and hang murderers but rapists are taken to a hotel we call prison? Why mara why? Is sending somebody to Mowana Lodge a punishment? Imagine free food no rent free medical education free counseling free transport free libraries; all these rewards for raping somebody’s mother ten times? Hello,” said Nchunga.

Continuing his back and forth with a persona named Felix Ntau who argued for tampering justice with mercy, Nchunga retorted, “What mercy? have you seen a nice rapist?”

Felix Ntau would respond “we forgive not because the sinners deserve it or because they offended little!” to which Nchunga would respond: “Prevention is better than artificial forgiveness. The rapists both current and aspiring must stop it.”

It was not immediately clear what made Nchunga expose his hardline stance on rape, on social media.

Nchunga is also a pastor and a guitarist.