Graduates irked by education authorities’ refusal to certify professional certificates


The recent decision by the Ministry of Basic Education authorities to cease certifying professional certificates has irked some Francistown residents.

In a memo posted at the regional offices at Ntshe House in Francistown, authorities said, “You are informed that the Regional Education Office only certifies PSLE, JC and BGCSE certificates.” The memo further said the above mentioned certificates can be certified at schools.

Furthermore, the memo mentioned that certificates belonging or acquired from local tertiary institutions should be certified at those respective institutions. “Certificates acquired from international universities are to be certified at the respective embassies of the countries where the institutions are based,” read the memo.

One resident, Thato Keobake told this publication that such a decision is going to inconvenience them. “As an unemployed graduate I am not happy about the decision taken by the authorities at the Ministry of Basic Education,” he said. Keobake highlighted that he obtained his professional qualification in one of the local private institutions based in Gaborone. He noted that he does not have money to always commute from Francistown to Gaborone to certify his certificate.

North East Regional Education Director, Mabunga Gadibolae confirmed that they have issued a memo to the public informing them that the Ministry of Basic Education has ceased to certify professional qualifications. “From now on wards we will be certifying basic education certificates only because we can verify such certificates. Professional certificates are verified by Botswana Qualifications Authority because that is their mandate,” Gadibolae averred. According to him, the decision was taken because they could not verify that indeed individuals have obtained such qualifications from those institutions.

Gadibolae noted that the decision was taken after a thorough consultation with Botswana Examinations Council and the council gave it a green light to be implemented. He admitted that the decision is inconveniencing members of the public but he emphasized that the authenticity of professional qualifications should always be verified. A source told this publication that the Ministry of Basic Education ceased certifying professional certificates after they realized that some people are using fraudulent qualifications to seek employment.