Hometown Pizza a hit

Chef Tshepo M has transformed Kumakwane into a hot spot. Tshepo M is behind the now famous Hometown Pizza which is a hit among Kumakwane residents, and those travelling to different destinations.

So popular is this new spot that customers take joyrides out of Gaborone just to go and have a bite of the yummy pizza.

Born Tshepo Monthe, the entrepreneur has amassed experience of over twelve years working for different franchises in the capital city. It was only last year December when he decided to take his love for cooking to a new level, opening his first Pizza business. His pizza is different in the sense that he is using an open oven that he made himself, giving his pizza a unique aroma and taste.

Cleverly, he decided to pitch his business on the side of the main road, meaning that he is tapping into the potential customers passing through. You just can’t miss his oven, or the many customers who pass by hungry for a bite.

“I have a passion for cooking, and it just developed to where it is right now,” says Monthe.

He also says that working in the different kitchens and restaurants exposed him to all kinds of foods, and cooking methods.

“I have worked at places such as Debonairs, Roman’s, Dros and Masa Square,” he explains.

He further says that customers can choose from either a small or a large pizza with flavours that include chicken and pineapple, mexican, vegetarian and steak. He is planning to introduce other flavours that will put the spotlight on indigenous foods such as biltong, seswaa, and beans.

“The taste is special, and different to other pizzas out there,” says Monthe, who also looks forward to sharing his experience with those who wish to venture into the same business.

“You need passion to be in this type of business,” he says.