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I want a Palace-Gaborone

Pic: Oemelenna Mmanoko

I want a Palace-Gaborone
May 24
12:10 2018


The paramount Chief of the Batlokwa, Kgosi Puso Gaborone is taking things back to the pre-republican era by demanding to be built a royal palace by his subjects.

Gaborone broke the news to Batlokwa at a Kgotla meeting in Tlokweng that had been called to dissect issues relating to land.

Gaborone decried that “his peers are living in palaces.”

He had just touched down in the country from a meeting in the Kingdom of eSwatini where he had accompanied President Mokgweetsi Masisi on a working visit.

He reminisced about what he had seen in the Kingdom stating that a King there “can have about 100 royal kraals in his residences.”

Gaborone, who appears to be clamouring for all the monarchical trappings of old in a republican society stated: “we need something that is nice . When you say o tsosolosa ngwao,o e tsosolosa kae gone mo bodilong bo,” he said pointing to his dreary court.

He also continued: “seriti sa Kgosi and power se bonwa ka ditsompelo tse e di tshotseng,” loosely translated meaning that the Chiefs’ prestige and power is radiated from the wealth he possesses.

Gaborone also related that it would even be easier to headline hard charging traditional leadership advocacy if he had the motivation resulting from such wealth.

He also noted that plans are already at an advanced stage for the funding which it appears donations will be solicited from the Morafe.

Gaborone declined to field questions from this publication stating that he had calls to make.

This was not the first time he broached the idea of a royal palace.

He demanded the same last year around this time stating that the palace will act as the official residence of the kgosi and their treasure and will be passed on from one generation to the next.

He was quoted in the media as stating that a plot for the said palace had already been identified and what was left was for the land board to formalise its allocation.

Gaborone called for tribes to care for their dikgosi, adding that the current conditions were not enticing enough as evidenced by the involvement of chiefs into politics.

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