Inside Mohamed Khan’s near defection to BDP

  • Khan says he is not impressed with Boko’s performance as UDC Leader
  • Labels him ‘a populist’, not a leader




Botswana National Front (BNF) veteran Mohamed Khan summersaulted from an arrangement to decamp to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) overnight, this publication has learned.

This publication has been made to understand that Khan, a longtime servant of the BNF was brought to the brink by what he saw as a bad management of the Front and the opposition grand coalition, the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader Duma Boko.

The Global Post has been informed by authoritative sources that Khan admitted to his close circle that he had in fact sealed the defection deal with Masisi. According to information passed to this publication, Khan attended a meeting towards the end of March where he hobnobbed with the ruling party czars.

It is reportedly at this meeting where Khan’s defection was sealed and a celebration followed where Khan was even hoisted in the air by the top brass present. But, it appeared that his old Koma-ist instincts kicked in.

Khan is said to have gone home where he apparently had an overnight change of mind and had reneged on his end of the bargain the following day.

This publication has also in its possession two secret, long WhatsApp messages sent to a group of MP’s where he complained about the state of the BNF and UDC. In one of the messages, Khan rubbishes Boko stating: “…The revolution was imminent, for the subjective conditions are ripe. It is not him (Boko) who has brought it about. I declare that I will fight with everything to protect the cause and not an individual. It is truly a people’s project and I shall not be undermined by ANYONE…We have the political will, experience and God Given intelligence, not some paper declaring our intelligence.”

Khan’s mobile phone rang unanswered by the time of going to press.



  1. Comrades…I am now totally exhausted…aside the personal pressures of finances and family issues and the normal constituency political matters there is this overwhelming dark cloud of our leader Comrade Boko that seriously undermines our capacity and political intelligence…I have suggested that we meet to discuss together preferably with him on this matter…All of you Comrades have preferred to remain silent…scared…You are killing the revolution…your silence I know does not mean consent…You all have your reserved sentiments that you discuss with other comrades…but the mistake is creating the monster in Boko… If you Love him and you love your movement…Show it…declare your allegiance to the cause by standing up and telling your leader openly what you feel, how you feel and he must be able to listen and understand you…And then together we shall chart a way forward and walk that path preferably with him but it can also be without him…Our capacity to be POLITICAL leaders is measured but our achievements speak volumes…and the hard earned respect among GENUINE revolutionary progressive action oriented Comrades from the foot soldiers to the Maemo People…When do we meet…I am at a cross road…DECISION TIME for me…I prefer to be bold and save my sanity than to regret the future in the past…May God Almighty Grant You All knowledge with wisdom and the courage to face REALITY…Good Morning… Solutions, it is my leader, SOLUTIONS it is….


  1. Comrades…We have a serious issue on our hands…I am not impressed at all with the performance of our leader Comrade Boko…I speak out now after being rather patient in expectation of hoping to better understand his leadership style which may convince me to agree that he has it in him to lead us…However, I am and regrettably disappointed…I have also lost all patience…therefore I seek your indulgence my comrade to a fully-fledged meeting where the pros and cons of our leader be discussed as UDC Members of Parliament…to once and for all get a clear indication of the manner in which we are to run the cause…I find the current approach haphazard and individualistic…There is no team work and we haven’t got a leader but a populist…am prepared to face Comrade Boko on this matter at this meeting and articulate fully why I believe his current leadership style is so flawed politically…However, this is my position and it should remain internal and it is intended to build not to destroy…I say this with utmost respect and love of the Peoples Project and our Leader.