Kebonang must resign – Guma

Says he is an embarrassment

Member of Parliament for Tati East, Samson Moyo Guma last week called on Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, Sadique Kebonang to step down from the position after the former was implicated in the money laundering case in which a total of P250 million was looted from the National Petroleum Fund. Here is what the former Botswana Democratic Party Chairman said in Parliament:

Thank you very much Chairperson. I stand to support the request (to fund Attorney General and Directorate of Public Prosecutions) by the Minister (Shaw Kgathi). In fact, it should be doubled and we need to give you more.

We also want to commend the Office of the Attorney General, particularly in these trying times that we see. We are in some very explosive and pathetic situations. I am so happy about the bravery of the Prosecution Unit that takes decisions without favour.

I have been investigated in person on allegations. I want to talk about money laundering. I have been to courts. We have not politicised anything. I have been exonerated on that matter and it is over.

What turns to sadden me at times, is when we are alleged (to be) involved in certain corrupt activities as politicians, common sense should tell you to step aside. Do not even wait. We are custodians of public funds. I am going to be very blunt. I am in Parliament and a legislator.

What I find very disturbing is what is happening; we have cases which are properly being handled by the Prosecution Division.  A relevant Minister still finds it appropriate to be sitting and coming in Parliament, as a Minister, without resigning.

I call on the Honorable Minister, to get it very clear and get out of that ministry today.

The Minister where there are allegations of money laundering and he has been a custodian of that. He must take full responsibility and resign with immediate effect. He has to.

We have to protect this country. It is really an embarrassment for all of us here as legislators, to constantly see things that are not right.

Silence is a betrayal to the very same people that put you in this House. Your office must be vigilant in this. We must not be shy to tell someone that this is not right.

His Excellency puts Ministers in trust. When it gets to a stage where their names get to be dragged by people that they trusted and you did not see it fit that I am… not that you are saying you are at fault and not admitting any guilt but just because things have been mismanaged in your face, you must be bold enough to get out of the post. Do not look like it is your personal property.

What we see is total embarrassment and the Minister is still sitting on the chair, as if we owe him something. I do not! He is a total embarrassment to the very same people that put him in.

I am sitting down and say, I call upon the Minister Sadique Kebonang, to resign with immediate effect, without being asked!

He is a total embarrassment to the Government of this country. I sit down and I thank you.