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Kethoilwe wins BCP primaries in Moselewapula

Kethoilwe wins BCP primaries in Moselewapula
April 18
13:03 2018

Reuben Kethoilwe won BCP primary elections for Moselewapula ward in Francistown West constituency that were held at Mahudiri Primary school, over the weekend.

Kethoilwe amassed 133 votes followed by political novice Chimbise Chimbise with 125 while Gilbert Makombo got 89 votes, Maxwell Motsu was voted by 46 people. The BCP held primary elections to prepare for the bye election which will be held on the 19th of May. The bye election is a result of the death of BDP councillor, Lechedzani  Modenga who died in February after a shot illness.

In his acceptance speech, Kethoilwe thanked his fellow party activists for holding flawless primary elections. “I would like to thank the elections committee and the regional committee who prepared for the primary elections,” he said. Kethoilwe noted that as the BCP they should now work hard to rustle the ward from the ruling BDP in the upcoming bye election. He revealed that the BCP has been unsuccessful in its attempt to rustle the ward from the BDP in the past but this time around they should go for a kill.

Kethoilwe has tried his luck for the ward two times in the previous elections. In 2009 general elections he lost to Johnson Moremi while in 2014 he was defeated by the late Modenga. The BCP will now hope that other coalition partners within the UDC will come on board to assist them as they embark on a massive house to house campaign ahead of the bye election.

Kethoilwe’s challengers accepted the results whole heartedly. They even shook hands with him after the results were announced. Chimbise said even though they did not have enough time to prepare for the primarily elections, he accept the outcome. “I promise to support Kethoilwe to make show that he wins the bye election with a huge margin,” he revealed. Motsu also echoed Chimbise’s sentiments saying he is going to play a crucial role in Kethoilwe’s campaign to ensure that he succeeds.

Meanwhile, BDP candidates in Moselewapula have failed to reach a consensus to choose one candidate despite being persuaded by the party Deputy Secretary General Shaw Kgathi to do so. During a party internal meeting recently, Kgathi had told the candidates to try and choose one person who is capable amongst themselves to avoid holding primary elections. His observation is that the party performs well in bye elections when they reach a compromise and select one person through a consensus.

Regional Chairman, Baemedi Medupi told this publication that so far two people have fulfilled all the requirements to contest the primary elections. “I do not have names of the two candidates now but the electoral board has given all aspiring candidates up to Tuesday to have fulfilled all the requirements,” he said. End



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