Knives are out for Muzila again

  • The latest plot is said to be more foolproof because Mayor Muzila has fallen out with staunch defenders


A more watertight plot to topple the Mayor of Francistown Sylvia Muzila at the next full council session later this month is being hatched, Global Post has learnt.

Global Post is reliably informed that the latest anti-Muzila plot is more resolute because she has allegedly fallen out with the handful of councillors who have rallied to her defence in the past.

According to one councillor who requested anonymity, Muzila’s relationship with her erstwhile staunch allies, including nominated councillors James Kgalajwe and Andy Boatile, has deteriorated.

Another impetus is alleged support for the coup from some in the top leadership of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party.

Twice in the past, a plot to oust the former District Commissioner of Botswana’s second city was mounted but failed because it was not foolproof.

A second putsch flopped last year partly thanks to intervention by the Deputy Secretary General of the BDP, Shaw Kgathi, who appealed by texted messages to his party’s councillors not to go ahead with the coup for the sake of party unity.

In the aftermath of the failed plot, some of Muzila’s allies reportedly petitioned the regional leadership of the BDP to punish anti-Muzila elements, singling out Peter Ngoma in that regard.

The substance of the plot was that Muzila was biased in favour of her cronies during council proceedings. The Mayor was also accused of incompetence and failure to control council meetings.

In the latest conspiracy, Councillor Boatile is alleged to have been sending WhatsApp messages to councillors across the political divide for support to oust Muzila.

“Boatile has been sending us messages appealing to us to support his motion of no confidence against Muzila,” said one councillor who asked to remain anonymous. “He intends to table the motion when council session resumes late this month.”

According to the councillor, some in the BDP leadership have given Boatile the nod to topple Mayor Muzila. “After removing Muzila, we intend to replace her with the Councillor for Kanana Ward, Cornelius Gopolang,” the councillor said.

Gopolang is known to have ambitions of the mayoralty for some time.  He once tried his luck at a BDP caucus meeting but was defeated by Muzila in a secret ballot.

He was not very forthcoming when approached for comment. “You should attend the upcoming full council meeting to see what will happen,” Boatile said.

His alleged antagonist, Muzila, says she is aware that Boatile intends to table a motion of no confidence against and that the councillor ulterior motives.

The rivalry of the two borders on animosity. According to information reaching Glaobal Post, Boatile recently sent the Mayor a WhatsApp message in which he called her a witch. The matter was reported to Francistown Police Station after which Boatile was allegedly warned never to repeat such words to the Mayor.