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LETTER: Brainwashing comes to Canada and Nelson

LETTER: Brainwashing comes to Canada and Nelson
January 19
09:01 2021
I was distressed to learn that my sister (73) was traveling to Washington, D.C. to participate in the pro-Trump a.k.a anti-Biden presidential confirmation demonstrations. She has feasted on a steady diet of one news source and has denied the truth of all other news media. Her source of information is The Epoch Times. This news source has distorted her view of the world so that she puts her life in danger due to COVID-19 and protest violence.
Imagine my anger when I went to my community mailbox and found an unsolicited copy of The Epoch Times. The articles are clearly politically targeted and right wing. Catchy titles like “$500 Million Donation From Facebook’s Zuckerberg Used to Undermine US Election, Violate Law”, “Canadian Pension Money Keeps Pouring Into China as Risks Escalate”, “China Had COVID-Like Patients Months Before Official Timeline”, “Communist China’s Silent War Against the West”, “The Ties Between Canada’s Elite and Powerful and Beijing.”
The Epoch Times has helped create chaos in the U.S., dividing families, polarizing beliefs, bringing people to doubt the mainstream media, even undermining democracy and trying to make the U.S. a dictatorship. It has helped bring people to the point where they throw up their hands in despair as they no longer know whom to believe or whom to trust.
Fresh from victory in the U.S., whoever is behind this newspaper is aiming to do the same in Canada. Canada Post, stop distributing this newspaper in our mailboxes. Right now, the future of American democracy is being challenged. If you value the Canadian election system, and do not want to be brainwashed, stay clear of this newspaper and use it only to pick up your dog’s droppings. Reporters, please look deeply at Falun Gong, which is behind this disgusting rag.
Mary Nishio

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