LETTER: Questionable newspaper appears in mailboxes

‘I would suggest people do their own research of this ‘newspaper’ before subscribing to it,’ Morning Star reader says

To the Editor:

Re: “The Epoch Times”

Last week I received this disconcerting “newspaper” in my Lavington mailbox. The subscription address is in Vancouver. After flipping through it and reading a few articles and titles of articles, I felt very uncomfortable. I found it racist and inflammatory. There are currently troubling issues with China, but I concluded this to be a clearly racist production. I had never heard of this paper, nor seen any advertising of its existence as a new source of reading material. It made me suspicious.

Following a couple of different sources of research, I was upset that this had arrived in my mailbox and obviously sent through Canada Post. These papers have been mailed out to select rural areas across the country. Apparently in British Columbia, Northern B.C., Vancouver Island and rural Okanagan received them.

Our local newspaper had just become aware of it but had not heard of any being delivered in Vernon.

According to a Google search: “The Epoch Times is a multi-language newspaper founded by John Tang and a group of Chinese Americans associated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement.” It is “headquartered in New York, is part of a group organization under the Epoch Media Group umbrella, which includes the New Tang Dynasty TV channel. It says it operates in 23 languages and in 35 countries.”

Also stated is “…Epoch Times was banned from advertising on Facebook for trying to bypass political spending rules …”

The recent hate literature flyers dropped around Vernon, and now this newspaper showing up is proof that racism and hate is being propagated in our communities and actually arriving on our doorsteps.

I would suggest people do their own research of this “newspaper” before subscribing to it.

I also suggest it belongs in the bottom of a birdcage or as a fire starter in the fireplace.

Thank you,

E. Reade