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Makgato may survive

Makgato may survive
March 20
09:36 2018

Ahead of the all-important All Fools Day that will mark the greatest moment of his life, Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi is already aware of how uneasy it can be for the head that wears the crown to lie. And as he confronts the chess board that he cannot avoid, Nonofo Molefhi and Dorcas Makgato are looming as two pieces that at once present the most potent trouble and the most lasting peace while Sadique Kebonang is something of a troublous irritant


The Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi has allegedly scoffed at the idea that he will fire Minister Dorcas Makgato once he assumes full executive power on All Fools Day.

A feisty ‘suffragette,’ Makgato is the Minister for Health and Wellness.

News of her continued tenure came from an Assistant Minister who told Global Post this week that Masisi assured a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) parliamentary caucus after reading the Global Post report that he would not discard Makgato.

The junior minister preferred anonymity.

Masisi appears to have made the remarks at the BDP caucus on February 22.

Global Post had intercepted a WhatsApp conversation in February between Makgato and an opposition politician wherein she made a sullen admission of her awareness that she would be chucked out of the cabinet in the new dispensation.

It appeared from Makgato’s admission that she may have discerned nuances of a grudge between herself and the Vice President whose genesis were in the run-up to hotly-contested Mmadinare congress of the BDP when Makgato was reportedly on the side of Masisi’s rival camp.

Makgato appeared unwilling to rally the party’s women’s constituency to the aid of the Vice President’s campaign when she could have easily done so as Chairperson of the BDP Women’s League.

In the WhatsApp exchange, Makgato also mentioned that she “and others” whom she did not name would be dropped out of their cabinet posts post-April 1.

The Assistant Minister who broke the news to this publication expressed reservations that rather a wholesale purging of Khama’s cabinet as is widely speculated will take place, Masisi will conduct only a limited nip and tuck and guillotine the heads of those whose names have been soiled by allegations of graft on a grand scale.

It also appeared that Masisi’s lone challenger in 2017 make-or-break Mmadinare congress, Nonofo Molefhi will be retained out of fear of disturbing the the still waters and resuscitating factionalism in the ruling party.

Besides Makgato, Global Post was made to understand that Masisi had already bandied about four names that will either be ejected from their ministerial portfolios or demoted to junior ministries.

Chief among them was said to be the Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, Sadique Kebonang.

The number one reason was said to be Kebonang’s failure to show explicit loyalty to Masisi when the latter was instrumental in Kebonang’s appointment to the cabinet.

Instead Kebonang was said to have maintained a perplexing loyalty to Khama.

Sources in contact with this publication say Masisi will be seeking to consolidate his power and supremacy in the BDP by keeping his enemies close by.

Retaining Molefhi is one such gambit and is designed to appease the latter’s supporters and loyalists in the party, rather than jettisoning Molefhi and running the risk of alienating them.

Makgato’s retention is also seen as a means of stabilising the ruling party at a critical moment of change of guard at both Tsholetsa House and Government Enclave.

Makgato is seen as a potential firebrand and emerging heavyweight with immense potential for success and longevity in both party and government.

Observers also see her as someone who can act as a rallying point and play a part in energizing the party’s rank and file.






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