Masisi’s golden-boy living in fear of saboteurs

President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s anointed golden-boy, Karabo Gare is said to be living in
fear of the more established political rivals whom he drubbed in the party primaries last
Gare was launched as BDP candidate for Moshupa-Manyana constituency on Sunday.
Gare is a political novice who rode on the back of his close relationship with Masisi.
His perceived imposition as BDP standard-bearer in Moshupa-Manyana angered the
party’s old guard resulting in a primaries field crowded by 5 contestants.
Long before the May 19 primaries, Gare’s name already enjoyed a wider recognition as
a safe horse to bet as he was said to have been endorsed by Masisi though he lacked
practical experience.
He came out on top in primaries that were considered by many as a farcical shoo-in.
Gare won the primaries with 2841 votes. He had been leading with comfortable margins
in numerous wards long before the votes were collated at the election centers.
His strongest challenger, popular councilor Lentswe Mosanako trailed behind with 767
votes. Others, Stephen Kganela and Boikhutso Disele followed with 514 and 182 votes
respectively while the dark horse councilor Benjamin Mogodi secured only 50.
On Sunday, Mosanako accused some people with the ear of the president of tarnishing
him and sowing divisions between him and Masisi.
He stated that even though he had attended a UDC rally as a mere spectator, people
were drawing inferences that he was about to jump ship and started planting such
thoughts in Masisi’s head.
Even though he is widely expected to walk over his Umbrella for Democratic Change
(UDC) rival, Jonathan Sethono, Gare is said to have told his confidantes that he is
concerned his defeated rivals might sabotage his prospects in areas where they hold
The most influential of his rivals is former councilor Lenstwe Mosanako as well as
current councilor Benjamin Mogodi.
  • It is believed he was referring to Mosanako who still wields a great deal of influence in
    the constituency.
    However, the Gare camp including President Masisi appeared to have smoked the
    peace pipe as they exchanged handshakes and pleasant remarks on Saturday.
    Gare’s campaign is flush with cash resulting from allegedly being a beneficiary of a
    multi-million government tender in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Public
    Masisi won the last general election with 6831 votes beating Ngaka Monageng of the
    Umbrella for Democratic Change and Benny Stegling of Botswana Congress Party who
    got who got 3231 and 2557 votes respectively.
    Just like he sailed smoothly in the primaries, Gare is expected to walk over the
    opposition in next month’s by-election which will be held on Saturday.
    The opposition in the constituency lacks a candidate with a solid pedigree.
    The constituency belongs to the Botswana Movement for Democracy which intends to
    field one Jonathan Sethono, a completely unknown figure, even in BMD circles.
    BMD is clamouring for the constituency because it had loaned it to BNF when they had
    no candidate in the 2014 general election.
    The Sidney Pilane-led party now wants the constituency back, arguing that it has found
    a candidate who could represent the coalition.
    Some members of UDC insist on the candidature of Ngaka Monageng as he already
    has a wider name recognition in the constituency. This was clear as on Saturday, as
    evidenced by the absence of most of UDC leaders and majority opposition supporters.