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Mileage Group donates to Botswana to fight Covid-19

Mileage Group donates to Botswana to fight Covid-19
May 26
17:31 2020

A Chinese philanthropist Miles Nan today donated testing kits to the Botswana Covid-19 Relief Fund at the value of P1.6 million.  

Miles, who is the managing director of Mileage Group in April 2020 also donated 250 litres of hand sanitizer’s to Botswana Defence Force and 500 litres of hand sanitizers to Ministry of Health and Wellness in April 2020. “Mileage Group having its business operation in Gaborone, Botswana from as far back as 1999. We are here today joining hands with other business sectors in solidarity to fight against Corona Virus commonly known as Covid-19. As the virus spread globally, we pledge our commitment to support the fight against the monster to the end,” Miles said in his speech at the Office of the President.

He said today is not just for donation but also to pay homage to those who died in the entire world at the hands of coronavirus. “At one time Your Honour the Vice President alluded that we are not Chinese in Botswana but Batswana Chinese. We felt that this the time to all work hand in hand during this special or difficult time together to help Botswana fight this global pandemic. I am calling this a special time as really it’s the first time in history of this century to experience this.”

Miles said charity has always been his passion and the past 10-15 years that he has been doing charitable works in Botswana has made him happy. “It is worth noting that there is high demand globally of any products related to Covid-19. It was not easy to get these goods well in time and there were lot of long queues from all international purchases from our source in China. Allow me Your Honour to please thank senior Chinese government officials in Beijing, China  absentia that assisted me to get these goods to Botswana well in time because all airlines were fully loaded to supply many other countries. A very senior government official of Vice President’s position, I really appreciated his efforts,” he said.

He mentioned that the goods from China arrived in Botswana on May 21, 2020

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