Mmolotsi accuses Masisi of nepotism


Member of Parliament for Francistown South constituency, Wynter Mmolotsi has accused President Mokgweetsi Masisi of nepotism.

Addressing a political rally in Francistown recently, Mmolotsi who is also vice president of the Alliance for Progressives said upon ascending to the presidency on 1 April, Masisi appointed his biological brother as the head of presidential security. Mmolotsi claims that Masisi’s brother who is a retired soldier was not hired on merits but he was given the job due to his close relationship with the president.

“There are a lot of Batswana who are qualified who could have been hired as head of presidential security but Masisi decided to head hunt his own brother because he is a corrupt leader,” Mmolotsi charged. The outspoken politician revealed that some public servants lost their jobs after they hired their relatives but Masisi will go unpunished for hiring his brother because he is the state president. Permanent Secretary to the President, Carter Morupisi denied that Masisi has hired his brother. “That is not true, I do not know where Mmolotsi got that from,” Morupisi said.

Mmolotsi indicated that Masisi is a carbon copy of former president Ian Khama as they are both failures. “Most of you are happy that Masisi will change a lot of things as the president but Masisi is a failure,” he pointed out. He explained that Masisi dismally failed when he was given the responsibility to oversee poverty eradication programmes. The Alliance for Progressives vice president further said Masisi has failed to outline his road map since he assumed the presidency. He noted that Masisi has been embarking on international trips and his trips has costs taxpayers over P10 million but he is yet to tell the nation about the purpose of his trips and how the country will benefit from such visits to other countries.

He strongly criticized the decision by Masisi to always travel with BDP Secretary General, Mpho Balopi to foreign countries. According to Mmolotsi such a move is a clear sign of abuse of power adding that Balopi’s travelling expenses are covered by the state even though he is not a civil servant.

Mmolotsi further held that Masisi has not addressed pertinent challenges bedevilling Batswana. “Un employment especially among the youth is still high. Masisi has not told the nation how he is going to address unemployment among the youth, graduates are still roaming the streets without jobs,” he lamented. He suggested that government should encouraged public servants to retire at the age of 45. Mmolotsi says if public servants retire at the age of 45 it will create about 10 000 vacancies annually.