Molefhe rejects suspension, takes stance in BBS UFC-esque affair


Tsaone Segaetsho
A lot of turning, tumbling and twisting, kicking and falling with one’s back then rising up again to take a
ready stance for the next strike is synonymous scenery with the Nevada bound Ultimate Fighting
Championship (UFC), now akin to the fight between BBS Limited Board against the company’s MD and
its marketing director tag team.
But BBS shareholders, police officers, government, MVA fund, Anna Mokgethi and members of the
wealthy Brink family surely do not find amusement as their investment is being turning into a match
watched before the media while they remain like hapless and helpless spectators until the next AGM
slated for next week Friday 30 April 2021.
This could be a script in a soapie opera, but it is real life story where MD Pius Molefhe and company
secretary Sipho Showa were fired, but bounced back with their lawyer Mboki Chilisa advising them to
reject the dismissal as the board took such a decision to expel them without a resolution. Molefhe
ended up banishing the board from entering the BBS premises at Broadhurst mall before the board went
to court and were granted rule nisi affirming their dismissal of the duo. The duo bounced back again,
winning a claim against the board that there was no proper legal procedure in firing them.
While on 19 April 2021 the board decided to terminate the contracts of employment of Molefe and
Showa, the duo urgently approached the Industrial Court on the same date and obtained an order
interdicting the board of directors from taking any steps to enforce these resolutions.
However, the employee-employer bout ensued again on Thursday as board chair Pelani Siwawa-Ndai
decided to suspend the two men, pending a case sent by the MD and the company secretary to
Industrial Court.
It was put out to the local stock market on Thursday that Showa has similarly been suspended from his
duties as Head of Marketing, Communication and Company Secretary while Molefhe was replaced by
James Kamyuka, who is a member of the current board, as acting MD.
“In order to abide by the court order, the Company wishes to advise stakeholders that it then resolved
to suspend, on full pay, Messrs Molefe and Showa from their duties with effect from 20 April 2021
pending the finalisation of the proceedings brought against the Company by the suspended employees,
or the completion of investigations into possible professional misconduct by Messrs Molefe and Showa,”
said Siwawa-Ndai on Thursday.
In what seems to have become a ‘pen wrestling,’ Molefhe responded by writing suggesting that the BBS
board is clutching on straws in trying to sideline them, and he clung to his job on Friday.
“I regret to note that my colleagues have released a statement purporting to have suspended myself
and the Company Secretary Mr. Sipho H. Showa from work. I wish to inform Shareholders and other

stakeholders that the resolution passed by the Directors on the suspensions is unlawful. The
announcement should be disregarded,” said Molefhe.
In a statement seen on Friday afternoon Molefhe said the directors are trying to win dirty by peddling a
calculated crusade to defame the duo before the next week AGM. However the board of directors said
they are aware of various communications made by Molefe on BBSL letterhead, referring to the
communication seen by this publication, and asks shareholders, employees and the general public to
ignore such statement of rejection of suspension.