MP Majaga charged with threat to kill


Member of Parliament for Nata-Gweta constituency, Paulson Majaga has been charged with a single count of threat to kill.

The outspoken politician was on Friday arraigned before Nata magistrate court after he was briefly detained by Dukwi police. Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Senior Superintendent Near Bagali confirmed Majaga’s initial court appearance. “Yes I can confirm that Majaga was arraigned before Nata magistrate court facing a single count of threat to kill,” said Bagali in an interview with this publication.

According to Bagali, the legislator was granted conditional bail by the court. “I cannot reveal much about Majaga’s bail conditions as I did not attend the court proceedings. What I can confirm is that he will be back in court again for mention on the 11th of June for mention,” Bagali explained. He added, “As the police, we carried out investigations after a complaint of threat to kill was laid against Majaga at Dukwi police station last month”. Bagali noted that after completing  investigations, a docket was handed to the Directorate of Public Prosecution to access if there is enough evidence to press charges or not.

Apparently Majaga had failed to appear before court as scheduled and the fuming Magistrate Sebetela issued a warrant of arrest against him. According to impeccable sources, Majaga was addressing a kgotla meeting at Mosetse village while he was supposed to appear before court. The BDP MP was forced to cancel his Kutamogore kgotla meeting as he was temporarily detained. Majaga is accused of threatening to kill 26 year old Moiseraela Ntwakgolo. The legislator allegedly attacked Ntwakgolo at NDB Bar in Dukwi last month.

According to a source, Majaga is accusing Ntwakgolo of having a love affair with his 27 year old wife, Bontlebotsile Tshiamo. The couple has four children together. On that fateful day Majaga is said to have found the complainant with his wife and two others at the bar. It is alleged that the MP grabbed Ntwakgolo and dragged him into the dark and continued to assault him. It is also alleged that Majaga threatened to shoot Ntwakgolo with his rifle.

Majaga has another pending criminal case before the Francistown magistrate court in which he is accused of possession of meat and hide of a cow suspected to have been stolen 11 years ago at Komtsia cattle post near Dukwi village. The legislator and his three co-accused persons have since applied for stay of execution at the high court as the case has been dragging for too long. In a previous interview, Majaga said the case was a political witch hunt from his opponents. He argued that the case always resurfaces when general elections are near, something which he says is an elaborate plan to discredit him.