‘Nkgakile and Co only whiling away time at BMD’ – Claim

The suspended Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) youth, Bruce Nkgakile will only be rendezvousing at the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) to gain dividends on political capital before he treks back to the ruling party, a source in his circle has told this publication.

Nkgakile was slapped with a two year suspension by the ruling party together with a host of other BDP youths including Thabo Autlwetse.

The duo of Autlwetse and Nkgakile are believed to be only killing away time at BMD to guard against political inactivity which could blow them into oblivion.

Nkgakile, who was welcomed to the BDP’s splinter party over the weekend, made a number of cringe worthy statements, incompatible with general opposition psyche after making a grand entrance, clad together with his son in identical fashionable tailor-made orange overalls.

Furthermore, despite the weekend event being a BMD one, Nkgakile appeared to be chanting UDC slogans more.

However, a BDP youth source who spoke to Global Post recently noted that Nkgakile’s game plan entails winning the Mogoditshane constituency and trekking back home to negotiate with the ruling party.

Nkgakile had allegedly told this to the BDP operative.

In animated fashion, the source related Nkgakile’s alleged intentions to this publication: “He says after winning he will be strolling to State House to put his demands on Masisi’s table.”

Nkgakile who has been suspended from BDP for two years has been quoted in local media as stating that he will always love the BDP and that his resignation from the party was a way of saving his political career.

He was further quoted as saying a two year suspension on a young person like him was a serious threat to his political career.

But, winning the Mogoditshane constituency may turn out to be tougher than it appears.

Currently, BDP candidate Tshepang Mabaila’s name appears to be the prevailing buzzword in the constituency.

Mabaila won the BDP primaries in a thunderous show of confidence in February, drubbing the party’s veterans.

Mabaila received 1,227 votes while Mogogi Tshiamo received 390 votes.

Former area MP Patrick Masimolole trailed behind with 350 votes.

Masimolole, Kgalagadi North aspirant, Greg Losibe as well as Molepolole South aspirant Shima Monageng, were recently said to be mounting a court case to overturn the BDP verdicts on their losses.

During his unveiling as candidate for Mogoditshane, Nkgakile stated that if anything he has been giving BDP money: “Re tswa kgakala ree ja rona ba bangweHa ele sengwe ke nna nne ke ba fa madi ka lorato ese gore ke tle ke ba sotle ka gore ken eke eletsa gore mokgatlho o gole,”said Nkgakile as the pokerfaced BMD executive looked on from behind.

Furthermore, with an air of bravado, Nkgakile further boasted about having accommodated a UDC campaign during the 2015 Goodhope-Mabule by-election.

“The Goodhope by-election team was staying at my farm, drinking my water, bathing with my water in my home as a way of saying ‘I agree with what you’re doing’,” he said.

However, BMD Chairman Nehemiah Modubule told this publication that if Nkgakile and others were to retrace their steps, the party will remain with the party and supporters.

He further noted that thus far, there is no indication to that effect.

He also noted that defection is a normal feature of politics and exercise of the right of association.