PPC Botswana empowers startups across the country

GP Correspondent

As part of efforts to strengthen the country’s economy, PPC Botswana is making efforts to empower more startups across the country.

The initiative is part of the company’s constant efforts to empower SMMEs in different sectors, providing various resources, to enable the entrepreneurs to scale up.

“We are looking forward to stretching this programme into different communities across the country. The strategic goal is to assist SMMEs have well established businesses that will create employment in the country.

“SMMEs provide job creation, and contribute to the country’s total remuneration. Employment is a huge driving force behind economic growth and stagnation,” said PPC Botswana Heard of Business Unit, Tuelo Botlhole.

Some notable SMMEs that have been boosted by PPC are Molepolole based community dress makers called ‘How To Us’ who benefited a fully built warehouse and Kopong based hardware store Rapha Shamma has also been receiving some operation aid from the cement manufacturers which has boosted the establishment’s sales.

According to Botlhole, the various businesses that have received a boost from PPC have gone on to create employment in the various communities.

He said the company is currently moving around the country picking up different SMMEs that will soon receive a boost.

“It’s is important that as an established company, we play a role in making sure that SMMEs are supported because they heavily contribute to the country’s GDP. We are yet to work with more SMMEs especially those that have been affected by the COVID- 19,” Botlhole said.

Some of the recent beneficiaries to the PPC Botswana initiative are Pitsane based brick-makers, demonstrating advanced methods of making bricks using quality cement. 

The Motshelo ladies who operate a brickyard based in Pitsane have applauded brick making demonstration by the company which include processes involved in the mixture of material such as clay, concrete, lime and fly ash to come up with different bricks such as burnt clay bricks, fly ash bricks, concrete bricks and engineering bricks.

“These brick making workshops are targeted to our end users and by that we mean brick makers, and most recently cluster groups such as Motshelo building groups,” said PPC Botswana Head of Business Unit.

He further stated that the goal is to mentor community brick makers till they reach a professional level. PPC has previously facilitated a total of 16 brick making workshops that targeted local brick makers in the past two years in different communities across the country.