Probiotic value addition hits local agriculture sector

GP Correspondent

Probiotic farming practices are slowly entering the local market, thanks to DD Gardens, trading D’vine Edibles a female owned start up business now manufacturing probiotic tea, probiotic vegetables, and cultured dairy products from organically sourced ingredients.

D’vine Edibles has been inspired to pursue the venture, as a means to encourage general well-being with focus on promotion of good gut health and healthy eating habits, to customers through probiotic products.

Goitseone Thamae and Pelontle Moepeng, the directors and promoters of the business have their set eyes on the local market and afar, providing quality products, which are developed, distributed locally and also exported.

“Our vision is to be the leader in the probiotic foods production industry in Botswana and beyond through our commitment to producing good quality products that meet customer expectations and give value for money,” said Thamae.

Given that 70 percent of the human immune system is found in the gut, Thamae said when well taken care of by consuming more prebiotic and probiotic foods and beverages, human health will improve by 80 percent.

She said through the adherence to food safety standards, their company aims to produce the best quality products that are internationally competitive.

“We strive to always take responsibility for every action in the business,” she emphasized, adding that consumer health is top priority for them.

Apart from addressing health issues, through producing the best products without compromising standards, the company also has intentions to empower women and youth.

“We believe the youth are the very people who steer our country into navigation in today’s ever-changing world as well as into the future. Women are underrepresented in many economic sectors, we strive to move towards closing the gaps of inequality in employment by empowering women with jobs in order to sustain their lives,” said Thamae.

Currently the probiotic foods and beverages offered by the company include Kombucha tea, a probiotic rich tea made from fermented black tea, pickles -cucumber, onions, Sauerkraut   which is fermented cabbage and Kimchi, the probiotic rich traditional Korean side dish made from spicy fermented cabbage or cucumber or radish.

In addition, the company also offers apple cider vinegar, marula drink which is seasonal, feta cheese, gouda cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese and greek yoghurt.

Meanwhile, Thamae said the company is also mulling plans to expand into the hydroponic farming of vegetables such as chilli, cucumber, celery, garlic, ginger and fruits such as strawberries.