Rammidi returns to BDP


President Mokgweetsi Masisi has inadvertently confirmed the defection of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Secretary General Kentse Rammidi to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Even though he did not reveal names, Masisi told a meeting of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) foot soldiers in Mochudi, Sunday afternoon that BDP has recruited “a senior member who has worked for the opposition BCP.”

Smarting from his first political defeat since he ascended to the top post, Masisi was counseling the party activists when he made the revelation.

Meanwhile, this publication has it on good authority that Rammidi received his membership card last Thursday at Tsholetsa House. The sources, who spoke to the Global Post on condition of anonymity, have alleged that the membership card has been lying in wait at Tsholetsa for some time as he delayed to collect it.

The Global Post has been made to understand that a media briefing to unveil the new catch is in the offing.

Rammidi’s political career has come full circle. He makes a return to the party of his youth, salvaging his career from a severe decline following a defeat in the 2014 general elections where he lost to the incumbent Kanye North Member of Parliament, Patrick Ralotsia.

Like many other BDP defectors, President Masisi has previously made open entreaties to Rammidi to consider retracing his steps back to Domkrag.

However, Rammidi’s normal response was that he will never go back to the ruling party.

The former Secretary General of the BDP resigned from his position and the party in 2011, barely a month after being elevated to the position of Secretary General.

Rammidi posited then that the party had abandoned its democratic ideals and was functioning as a one-man show, gyrating to the sole whims of then president Ian Khama.

Rammidi, who was the principal proponent of the formation of student councils, stated that his former comrades in the BDP were too weak to speak out against Khama’s style of leadership.

Towards the formation of the new-fangled Alliance for Progressives, Rammidi was quoted in the local press as stating that the new party will be counterproductive to opposition prospects and aspirations of the majority of Batswana who cast their vote for opposition in 2014.

When contacted for comment on Sunday, Rammidi denied jumping ship. He told this publication that he has not received a BDP membership card, claiming to have just arrived from South Africa.

It appears that the Global Post’s enquiries ruined Rammidi’s element of surprise. He would formally resign on Monday after purportedly meeting with party leader, Dumelang Saleshando.

In a letter written by Saleshando informing BCP members of Rammidi’s resignation, he said the latter informed him that he was resigning for personal reasons.