Shanganani girls’ hostel gutted by fire

  • 32 students left only the clothes they were wearing


A 32-bed girls’ hostel block at Shanganani Junior Secondary School at Tsamaya Village has been gutted by fire, Global Post has learnt.

The fire broke when lessons were underway and there was therefore no one in the hostel at the time. Police say preliminary investigations have revealed that the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

According to the Chairperson of the North East District Council, Florah Mpetsane, the fire destroyed property to all 32 girls who were attending lessons when it broke out.

“A much worse catastrophe was avoided because the students were away in their respective classes,” Mpetsane said.

The affected hostel block is completely damaged and will have to be demolished. The incident might cause congestion since the affected students may be moved to other hostel blocks as a short-term solution. In the meantime, they have moved into the school’s multi-purpose hall.

Mpetsane said the council will have to assist the affected students with bedding and school uniforms. “The victims will also be given psychological counselling because this incident has traumatised them and it could have a negative impact on their studies,” she added.

Mpetsane said the fire has underscored a need for a fire engine in Masunga which the council has long asked for. “We are currently assisted by the City Council of Francistown but much time elapses before the fire engine can reach us.”