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So far so good for BFA

Pic: Oemelenna Mmanoko

So far so good for BFA
May 23
10:19 2018
  • Association fast-tracking development
  • Also wants to professionalize football

Apart from being philosophical when asked about the promised 5000 jobs and negligence of women football, Botswana Football Association (BFA) is up to now ticking all the right boxes.

The catchphrase going into the elections in 2016 was development, development, development. By then it was an old tune which did not deserve to be given ear.  Fast forward to now, the tune has somehow changed and it deserves to be listened to-the association is walking the talk.

The introduction of national youth developmental league which is played in the 17 regions with competition in the Under-13, 15 and 17 categories has all the good things in transforming local football for the better. It is this program where players will be churned out who subsequently be global superstars.

For a long time various entrants at Lekidi did not act on their promise and the current regime by far deserve a pat on the back. Not only is the youth league the association in effort to see this working has convinced BNOC to bring German experts on board. They will ensure that Botswana turns into a football hub.

Over and above that, the association has managed to win an investor Jim Ratcliffe is also expected to erect a football academy. This will also be used to craft players that would be expected to be exported to Europe precisely Switzerland. The only hurdle is land which BNSC is accused of delaying with a piece to start the ground breaking ceremony. This has left doubters eating a humble pie as the association is marching ahead with their plan to transform the local football.

Further the BFA has come up with a commercialization blueprint for premier league to follow. The model is similar to the Spanish and if adopted the fracas that local football is currently grappling with of unpaid salaries to the players and other ills with be water under the bridge. What is frustrating the effort is the committee given the mandate is yet to assess the model and amend where necessary before giving it to league board for adoption.

Overall the association is still much in the game and with two years left before their term elapses, a lot can still be done to revolutionize the local game.

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