Spring is here, learn new skills with Farmer

GP Correspondent

August is the perfect time to start learning some new skills to put into action either in the kitchen, garden or even in the farm says Julia Farmer of Kingfisher Farm.

Farmer runs an organic farm in Notwane, and shares her passion for farming with fellow farmers. She notes that this is the perfect time to prep for spring, and she is scheduled to hold a number of classes ideal for those who are ready to learn new skills. The classes are scheduled to take place later this month, after being rescheduled due to the Greater Gaborone lockdown.

On August 15th, she will start off with a Masterclass on Organic Growing to be held at Green House Technologies in Glenvalley. The class will cover a number of key topics in organically growing plants and vegetables. She also says that she will introduce some of the topics to be covered in her upcoming Advanced Organic Workshop to be held in September. The price for the class is P350.

Second up is the Introduction to Organic Gardening/Farming Workshops to be held on
August 22nd & 29th at Kingfisher Farm, Notwane. These two sessions, she explains will give participants a full grounding on growing organically and will include demonstrations, practicals as well as a tour of the farm. The price for the two sessions is P700.

The first session of this workshop will cover a number of topics ranging from The living soil-How to identify soil type, how to improve soil structure, how to feed the soil, Soil preparation and making raised beds as well as Water conservation – use of shade netting and trees, methods of irrigation just to mention a few.
The second session will touch topics that includes Looking after seedlings,  and Transplanting seedlings and plants.

The Introductory Workshop is for anyone interested in growing plants organically whether in their garden or for a small scale horticulture farm.

And last up is the Preservation Workshop to be held at Kingfisher Farm on September 5th/12th. Price is P350, and space is limited.

“The Preservation Workshop covers the basic principles in making use of excess seasonal fruits and vegetables, with demonstrations and practicals on the main methods of preserving food,” says Farmer.

She further explains that workshops at Kingfisher Farm offer gardening enthusiasts the opportunity to get out of town and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Notwane.

“Besides the informative talks, there will be a tour of the farm, demonstrations and practicals, and discussions,” she explains.