‘It is suicidal to vote Domkrag’

  • Boko has told weekend rallies that Khama and his predecessors have distinguished themselves as purveyors of poverty for Batswana


The leader of the opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko, has characterised people who continue to vote for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) as suicidal.

Speaking at a whistle stop rally in the Jwaneng-Mabutsane constituency over the weekend, Boko observed that Botswana had fallen behind countries with which it had attained independence simultaneously like Singapore.

He further stated that countries like Rwanda had emerged from the ashes of civil strike to surpass Botswana by undertaking impressive projects of social justice.

“We need someone with the comprehension of (Rwandese president) Paul Kagame,” he said.

An example of the benefits of Rwandese social justice was how ordinary people were now being offered electrified multiple bedroom houses with running water by the state.

As a result of appropriate policies, the problem of housing in both Singapore and Rwanda were almost a thing of the past, Boko asserted.

He noted that what set him apart from the BDP was that unlike the ruling party, he did not take Batswana lightly. “If you vote BDP, you are in need of counselling (because) you are suicidal,” he said.

“We have to restrain you with rope and take you to a health facility so that those who deal with counselling may offer you their services. We want you to know these things so that you don’t become suicidal and so that you can vote Domkrag out of power.”

At another rally, Boko said President Ian Khama and his predecessors had presided over regimes that ensured abject poverty for Batswana since 1965.

He was speaking in Jwaneng on Sunday evening. This was the last leg of his wing-footed stop tour over the weekend that saw him make appearances at rallies in Tsabong and Jwaneng.

Boko compared Khama to a German arsonist who drew cheap thrills out of setting fire to infrastructure and turning around to take part in putting down the blaze. The lout had earned much praise in the process until he was outed as the culprit.

The UDC leader, who appears to always have something to say about law enforcement officers, stated while the police were expected to combat crime in dangerous conditions, their salaries amounted to slave wages.

Furthermore, civil servants who entered the service at the A3 scale earned paltry salaries in the region of P1,600 per month. He claimed that after 10 years of service, a civil servant of that salary band would have attracted an increment of a measly P300 or so.

The situation was so merciless that civil servants who managed to reach the top of the band at A1 would attract a salary in the region of P3000 per month.

“So how can you tell me that you do not know what brings you poverty?, he queried. “What prevents you from realising this is that this man who goes around feigning an anti-poverty mission is the same man who brings you poverty.”