Taking traditional Chinese medicine to the streets of Gaborone


In just under two months of their arrival, the Chinese medical staff based at Princess Marina Hospital and Nyangabwe Hospital have attended to 4100 outpatients and inpatients. Of the 4100, 128 surgical operations, while 250 were acupunctures.

Associating with local patients in this manner has convinced the medical team that Batswana are a loving people, and hence are inspired to do more for them.

Lin Pengtao, the Chief Anesthesiologist in China, working as a specialist in Anesthesiology and ICU at Princess Marina Hospital said they would like to go out of hospital to do free consultations with the residents of Gaborone. “We will target places frequented by many people. Places like malls. We are still planning, but should be ready to do this in December,” he said.

Other than giving free medical consultations to Gaborone residents as a start, Lin revealed that they also want to promote Chinese traditional medicine, and Chinese acupuncture during their consultations drives.

“Three weeks ago, the acupuncturist of our team, Doctor Xue, had a patient with erectile dysfunction. After the Chinese acupuncture he improved and was happy,” shared Lin, adding that the medical procedure could also benefit patients with chronic joint arthritis.

Lin and his team believe that a good medical doctor should also be a good communicator who can also actively share Chinese traditions and culture with Batswana. Consequently further promoting mutual understanding and trust between the people of China and Botswana, advancing friendly relations between the two countries.

The 15th China Medical Team, will only be in Botswana for two years. During their tenure, they have plans to help Batswana beyond just hospital walls. To this end, they say they have received help from many Botswana government departments, which is making their work easier and has allowed them to hope and strive for better, for the benefit of their host country.

While in Botswana, Lin and his team are committed to providing quality medical care to their patients. When not busy plotting his team’s next move in order to serve Botswana better, Lin enjoys going up Kgale Hill, visiting the Gaborone Game Reserve and eating beef and pap.