The Second ChinAfrica Short Video Competition (South Africa Zone)

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. In an effort to promote cultural exchange and enhance mutual understanding, ChinAfrica magazine is hosting the SecondChinAfrica Short Video Competition (South Africa Zone).

We welcome entries from all African people(or teams) who are studying or working in China (or have studied or worked in China before), as well as those who have interest in the Chinese culture. Chinese people living in Africa are also welcome to join the competition and submit their entries.


I. Theme:

Working Hand in Hand Toward a Shared Future

My Unforgettable Experience in 2020

Entries could cover topics such as “Joining Hands to Fight COVID-19, “Model Figures,” Witnessing the History and My Experience.

Under your choice of topic, your video can tell stories related to anti-COVID-19 efforts, China-Africa friendship, economic cooperation, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, poverty alleviation and environmental protection.


II. Timeline:

Entry Submission: August 7 to October 31,2020

Online Voting: November 1 to November20, 2020

Awards Ceremony: December 2, 2020


III. Organizational Structure:

Hosted By: ChinAfrica Magazine

Co-hosted By:

People’s Daily Online South Africa

Independent Media Group

The Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Center and its Confucius Classroom

Organized by:

Global Max Media Group

Galaxy Universal Network of South Africa

Co-organized by:

South Africa China Economic and Trade Association

Confucius Institute for Chinese Medicine at the University of Western Cape

Confucius Institute at the University of Johannesburg

Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University

Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Town

Confucius Institute at Rhodes University

Confucius Institute at the Durban University of Technology

Confucius Classroom at the Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology

Confucius Classroom at Westerford High School

(In no particular order)


Supported by:

Chinese Embassy in South Africa

Government Communication and Information System of South Africa


IV. Competition Procedure:
Detailed information about the competition can be found on the official website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts of ChinAfrica magazine, Independent Media Group and People’s Daily Online South Africa;
Participants can upload their video entries, together with personal details including full name, occupation, nationality, telephone number and postal address (in a text file) to a cloud storage platform, such as Onedrive or Baidu Cloud, and email the download link and password to:;
The final results will be decided based on online votes and jury votes.


V. Entry Requirements:
Videos should be in line with the theme and should be no more than five minutes;
Videos should be original and must not contain materials related to pornography, violence, religion or racism. No advertisement is allowed;
The resolution of the videos should be no less than 1280×720;
Videos should be presented/narrated in English only. Sound bites in other languages should be accompanied by English subtitles;
Video format should be .avi, .mov, .mp4 and .mpeg, and file size should not exceed 500M each;
Videos will be divided into two groups for judging and prizes: Micro Video Group (0.5-1 minute) and Short Video Group (1.1-5 minutes).
VI. Prizes: (For China Zone, South Africa Zoneand Senegal Zone combined)
1x Grand Prize: R20,000;
1x First Prize for Each Group: R6,000;
3x Second Prizes for Each Group: R4,000 each;
5x Third Prizes for Each Group: R2,000 each;
15x Organization Awards: R4,000 each (awarded to organizations such as schools).

All winners will get 3 issues of ChinAfrica magazine.