Thugs terrorize Area W clinic in Francistown

Expectant mothers admitted at the clinic for delivery live in constant fear of attack by the criminals


Petty thugs are said to be terrorizing Area W clinic in Francistown, stealing oxygen cylinders which are used to support critically ill patients.

Itekeng Ward Development Committee Chairperson, Ben Nkhwa told Member of Parliament for Francistown East, Buti Billy during a kgotla meeting that the criminals have destroyed the health facility’s fence in order to gain entrance. “The thieves normally strike at night,” he reported. Nkhwa suspects that there is a lucrative market for oxygen cylinders in the city hence the reason thieves target them.

Nkhwa revealed that expectant mothers who are admitted for delivery live in fear of being attacked by the criminals. “Something needs to be done as a matter of urgency to arrest the situation because such acts even put patients’ lives at risk,” cautioned Nkhwa. He noted that plans are underway to construct a perimeter wall at the clinic to enhance security. “I have hope that the situation will improve once the perimeter wall has been erected at the 24 hour operating clinic.”

Further, Nkhwa told the gathering that residents of Area W live in fear as the thugs snatch valuables such as cell phones and cash at night on the streets. “The perpetrators normally pounce on their victims on dark streets.” According to Nkhwa most of the street lights in Area W are dysfunctional which put the residents’ lifes at risk especially those who knock off late. “I plead with you Billy to put pressure on the city council to ensure that the street lights are repaired,” he said.

Responding, Billy indicated that the municipality is carrying out a case study to monitor how much is spent per month on buying power units for street lights. “Street lights also use prepaid units just like homesteads, therefore once the case study is complete, the council will be able to budget well,” Billy said.

Meanwhile, Gweta police are investigating an incident in where a 31 year old herd boy allegedly murdered his 21 year old girlfriend at Phuduhudu settlement and later committed suicide. According to the station commander, Superintendent Godfrey Mafa, “the suspect allegedly hacked his girlfriend with an axe on the head and she was confirmed dead upon arrival at Gweta Primary Hospital. After allegedly committing the crime, the suspect disappeared and was later discovered hanging on a tree at Nxae Park.