All Kasi is failing – Bright

  • Says AK failed to provide enough apparels
  • BFA to engage AK on the matter


The senior national football team coach Major David Bright has dismissed Botswana Football Association (BFA) technical partners, All Kasi, saying the sponsor is unable to provide full apparels as their contract stipulates.

After the recent COSAFA tournament held in South Africa, Bright was spotted clad in Football Union of Botswana (FUB) cap, rubbing some the wrong way in the process. Although BFA was also displeased with the conduct of coach Bright, the association had little to say, apparently because they also understand the contractual obligations of the technical sponsor. “The reason why I was putting on that cap is because our partners cannot provide those for us,” he said.

“Me being a fan of caps, I asked for one from FUB and they gave me two, that’s why I was wearing it. If the technical sponsor could provide them, surely I would put them on,” he added. This publication has learnt that the mother body of local football, under the tutelage of shrewd business guru Maclean Letshwiti, complained early last year that the association was not benefitting from the All-Kasi partnership, but instead continually incurs costs – particularly when selling and distributing Zebras replica jerseys.

All Kasi, which allegedly caught the BFA’s radar through the influence of Minister of Youth, Culture Development and Sports Empowerment, Thapelo Olopeng, is contractually obligated to provide BFA with sportswear (which includes training kits, training bibs, track suits, bench jackets, rain jackets, golf shirts and training pants among others) at a value of 1.6 million. In the old contract, the BFA said it was not receiving some of the apparels as per the agreement.

All Kasi continue to supply other equipment such as shin pads, medical bags, players’ bags and match goalkeeper gloves to the value of P196,000. These are playing equipment, which is not designed by All Kasi.

However, the association’s mouthpiece Tumo Mpatane, has confirmed that they will engage the sponsors to provide for the caps, to avoid incidents where the coach is seen putting on a different brand from the technical sponsor. “Well it is a matter that the association will take to the sponsors to see how they can assist. In the past, we never had a coach who adored caps and that is why we were relaxed but it is a matter we will definitely take up.”

The relationship between the two tends to blow hot and cold. BFA was once an unhappy partner in the relationship, and requested for the contract to be revisited and possibly renegotiated; this contract was signed last year. Tsa Gae on the other hand, although aware of the threat of the situation, has on the otherwise cordial relationship between them and the association, blames BFA for its failure to come up with timely panacea. The technical sponsors were also on the process of throwing an ultimatum at the association for either contract termination or re-negotiation.

All Kasi is the first and only local clothing label to be associated with BFA. Most notably, the partnership came to be known more when the senior national team, the Zebras qualified for the African Football Continental show piece better known as AFCON, in 2012.