CEDA boss for softball presidency

Sports Reporter

Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thabo Thamane will contest for Botswana Softball Association (BSA) presidency, Global Sport can reveal. He will contest for the top post against Katlholo Mosimanegape who is serving in the current board as vice president.

The BSA elections are expected to be held during the BSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for Gaborone on the 29th of April.

Thamane confirmed his interest on the BSA presidency with this publication. “Yes it is true I’m standing for elections, I have been triggered by a number of issues to contest for that seat,” he said. “I mean looking at what I have done as an individual in the corporate sector I thought I should give back to the sport I have played before. I have also realized that BSA recycles presidents hence there is no growth for the sport”

He is not a stranger to Softball as he played it during his schools days at St Joseph’s College and was part of those who formed Paper Club now known as Panthers. “This was in the 1990s and I left softball because it was not a viable career choice as local teams struggled with funds. That is why I’m saying you must trust me when I say I know how local teams are struggling to secure funds, even funds to transport them to games,” he said.

Thamane says he wants to revive softball and  commercialize it for it to be seen as a good career choice locally, “these players must not play this sport just because they love it, NO, that has to stop and we have to start taking softball serious. These players need to know what is in it for them when they commit their lives to softball.”

The CEDA CEO noted that he aims to run softball as a business should he win. “And do things properly, not that I’m saying they are currently not done accurately. I mean for an association to attract sponsors it has be well governed, be steady and that is what I’m targeting to do with BSA,” he noted.

Further, Thamane says he wants to deal with the inequality between local softball teams, “there is what we call institutional teams and such teams get financial aid from the government which means they end up having an upper hand against other teams hence killing competition. I want the field of play to be equal that is why I’m saying instead of our teams getting grants, let them get financial assistance just for them to be confident and competent.”

He said his job with CEDA will not affect his input at BSA. “As president, I’m going to have people who will be supporting me; that’s my executive committee. I will also create an effective organizational structure or secretariat that will report to us as an executive committee,” Thamane highlighted.

Thamane believes building strong structures from youth to senior level is what is needed in local softball. “And there must be a smooth transition between our national teams so they can make a mark in international competitions,” he noted.

His  A team comprises of Puso Kgosietsile as vice president, Tsuna Makwa will contest for the secretary general post, Bobby Khupe as technical director, Donald Fologang for the competitions officer seat while Kelebogile Seitei will vie for the public relations officer post.