Center Chiefs’ factional war in court yet again

  • Current committee wants other group suspended
  • Says they are delaying team’s progress
  • Magosi in talks with Zackhem


It will take a while before the raging inferno besieging Mochudi Center Chiefs is doused as the team’s faction are expected to once again battle it out at the courts of law.

This comes at a time when many were expecting that the legal brawls of the team are a thing of the past. However, following a number of meetings in an attempt to reach a ceasefire, sleeping dogs have refused to lie. A committee spearheaded by chairman, Tseing Ramocha has started firing from their corner last year after the elective meeting, arguing that, “a court order has been defied” prior to election of a new committee. The Ramocha led committee wants proper adherence to the law for the sake of progress, citing that the same problems will be taken to court again in future if nothing is done to settle the matter.

The Ramocha committee which is battling Centre Chiefs Trust led by, among others, Clifford Mogomotsi and Raymond Tsheko, believes that resolutions of the August 5th 2017 elective congress are unlawful since they were not part of the proceedings.

This paper is reliably informed that the current committee led by Tsheko, will this week file an application requesting the opposing lot to be suspended from the team as they are not recognized following their loss in the elections. The argument from the committee is that every time the team gets into shape, the unknown Ramocha faction wants to stagnate everything. This come after Ramocha’s group wrote to BFA once again requesting the Maclean Letshwiti led administration to try and normalize the legal standing of Mochudi Centre Chiefs before the matter incapacitates the state of domestic football. This was catalyzed by the confusion as to whether the team is a society or trust.

Magosi who for the first time since 2006 finished outside the top eight bracket, say the concerned group has clogged everything. “The constitution should be adopted but it cannot because those guys will not allow, secondly we are negotiating with some and whenever something fruitful is on the way they write to the prospective partner saying we are not legitimate leaders. This has seen us losing a number of opportunities,” a source antagonizing the Ramocha faction said.

“So we want the court to block them from meddling in the internal affairs of the team because after forming a transitional committee, they were not voted by the members into the office last year August, they are just wasting our time,” he added.

A long standing member of the club Clifford Mogomotsi has been quoted saying there is no how they have defied the court, “if anything, it is the Ramocha group that have gone against the order”. He said Ramocha decided to pull out and was nowhere to be seen until the elections were held.