Police VI to form a women’s side?

Baitshepi Sekgweng

Although officials deny it, Police VI volleyball club is reportedly racing to establish a women’s side before the new season commences, Global Sport has learnt.

Information gleaned from sources indicates that players from various league teams have been approached by Police VI officials about joining the club.

Otherwise known as ‘Ditau,’ Police VI has dominated the local men’s volleyball scene for the past two years.

Even though details are still not yet clear regarding which players are earmarked for recruitment, it is reported that the Otse side has its eyes on some of the country’s elite and experienced players.

Says a source: “Most of the targeted players are those who have been in the national team. They have mentioned some of them but I can’t reveal their names at this stage.”

‘Ditau’ enjoy massive material support from the Botswana Police Service (BPS) in form of funding and transport. “This is a very serious project that is considered viable mainly because of the financial backing that the team enjoys from the government,” the source continues.

“That is why they want to build a star-studded team dominated by national team players.”

But team manager Nlisi Kebe has denied that there is such a development. “There is no such thing here,” he said. “We have no intentions of having a women’s team. How can we establish another team when we don’t know the future of the domestic league? ”

The last time a volley league was played was in 2016 under the sponsorship of mobile network giants, Mascom. And so far nothing is visible even over the horizon.

The spokesperson of Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF), Kagiso Meswele, says  this the state of affairs:  “At this point in time there is nothing I can share with you in relation to the league. We will soon hold our first meeting of the year and I believe it will be one of the items on top of the agenda.”