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Sesinyi keen to keep Letshwiti in power

Sesinyi keen to keep Letshwiti in power
June 06
08:35 2018


With 15 out of 17 Botswana Football Association (BFA) regions having convened for elections last weekend, all eyes were on one man, Senki Sesinyi, Botswana football’s very own kingmaker who is keen to keep the current regime at Lekidi Football Centre, come 2020.

When BFA president MacLean Letshwiti was voted into office in 2016, following a closely contested battle against charismatic lawyer Tebogo Sebego, not many were aware of the influence wielded by Sesinyi that actually played a hand in the demise of Sebego.

He is understood to have played a very critical role when Letshwiti and Sebego went for the second and last round of votes. On the fateful day, August 13th, Letshwiti needed a minimum of 4 votes to cross the line while Sebego needed 6. It was anybody’s call, but Sesinyi, a front-liner and a ground force commander in his own admission convinced the unconvinced regional chairpersons to throw their weight behind Letshwiti and show it by vote, just in the blink of an eye.

This time around with Sebego rumoured to be plotting his way back to the BFA high seat, the Letshwiti led regime pinned its hopes on Sesinyi’s powerful tongue to work its magic, so their stay at Lekidi can be prolonged beyond 2020.

A self-assured ground force commander, Sesinyi has in the regional elections ensured Letshwiti remains in the driving seat after winning out rightly, eight regions to six of Sebego. Southern, Francistown and Chobe are the only regional associations yet to vote, but according to Senki, who has traversed the length and breadth of the country canvassing for support, everything is under control.

According to sources, in the Southern region, the two aspiring leaders will share the spoils while Francistown is more likely to go to Letshwiti’s camp. The pendulum has swung firmly in favour of Letshwiti at the Chobe region following the suspension of those deemed to be anti Letshwiti who have since been charged with bringing football into disrepute, by the association.

The two leaders, apart from Southern region, are also set to share the Gaborone region, First Division South and North and Central North. This means, chairman and secretary general (voters at BFA assembly) are split into BFA aspirants. Letshwiti through Sesinyi, has also managed to take control of women’s football.

By far Sesinyi confidently says he has control of the regions as he has once again managed to swing things in the favour of his team.  “I have not had the chance of travelling to various regions, but I have talked to them via phone calls and I am confident,” he loosely said.

Hated by many, Sesinyi remains the master mind, making and breaking men eyeing the BFA presidency. His passion for football especially at grassroots level-regions makes him the voice to follow at the time of casting votes.   His first notable football involvement was in the winter of 2012 when he joined the National Executive Committee (NEC) as an additional member. At the time, Sesinyi was not aligned to any BFA faction.

Those that ascend to the regional leadership position are nonetheless not going to determine the fate of any of the two rivals. Just before the 2020 BFA elective congress, the regions will also hold their own congresses and the winners will be responsible of who takes Lekidi keys.

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