GP Correspondent

A new local drama, Lights Off made its grand premiere on Now TV (DStv Channel 290) this Tuesday. The drama features some of the most talented local actors/actresses. The drama, says the producers, has been well received.

Speaking with this publication after the premier, Johnson Otlaadisa of New Look Studios, who is the Director and Executive Producer of the drama explains that the reception has been very good despite a few issues which were raised by some viewers after seeing the trailer and first episode. Some of the comments received raised concerns over the use of English instead of Setswana.

“If someone watched episode 1, I believe now they will be happy to say that this is an urban story,” he explains adding that there was a mix of both Setswana and English. He also notes that they wanted the production to be a representation of the urban lifestyle of Gaborone.
“We have received a lot of positive feedback, and I know that people who watched other channels during that prime time tuned into a local channel which for us is a big win for the country,” says Otlaadisa.

Lights Off focuses on three friends,  Kgomotso Ramakoba as Cathy, Lame Mogorosi as Jazz, and Nnete Mudeni as Fifi who vow to stick together through thick and thin. It explores their relationship/sisterhood as they go through various challenges in life, and the possibility of whether they will stick to their sisterhood.  DJ Gouveia (Kabo), Tlholego Chaba who has previously acted in the Bandleng drama as David, and Maxwell Dichi as Thuto. Dichi plays the role of Seretse on Muvhango airing on Sabc 2.

Also making an appearance on the drama are familiar faces such as Tinner Boy (Pule Mmakgotso), and Malagase (Thabo Mompati). The duo have previously acted on Bandleng and are currently acting on BW Trending Content. (a short drama that takes a comical look at the many antics that they get up to, with weekly episodes shared on Facebook.

Otlaadisa further explains that they are giving the local audience the best of Botswana talent. The production, he explains sees his company and two others, Current Trade (owned by Chaba) & The Corporate Lead owned by his older brother, Ishmael Otlaadisa joining hands to showcase a truly authentic local production.

He further notes that when it came to the cast, they tapped into the rich pool of talented actors/actresses who they have previously worked with in their Signed International 1 & 2, as well as Bandleng productions.
“This is the very best of what Botswana has got to offer,” he tells this publication.